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Song Parodies Plus

SONG PARODIES PLUS Want something different?

Here's an idea guaranteed to spice up any event. Two-time Grammy award winner Dennis Scott will write and perform a customized song parody to "roast" your guest of honor.

Here's how it works. Dennis researches the lives of his subjects. Once he finds lots of interesting facts and funny details , he weaves them into the lyric of a well know song. The results can be hilarious and/or touching.

Song Parodies are a unique and fun way to "break the ice" and help commemorate very special occasions such as...
  • Corporate gatherings
  • Dinner Receptions
  • Awards and roasts
  • Anniversaries
  • Rehearsal dinners


(sung to the tune of “Ob La Di, Ob La Da”)

Dan and Jaclyn met in elementary school
Years together riding the same bus
High School brought them closer so it’s no surprise
That they would someday become matrimonious!

Ob la di, ob la da. Life goes on - yeah!
La la how their life goes on
Ob la di, ob la da. Life goes on - yeah!
La la how their life goes on

Daniel is a chemist and a preacher’s son
Jaclyn’s pet name for him is “Big Dork”
Jaclyn is the “pasta queen” and you get bet
that no meat products ever get on to her fork!


Jaclyn always sang loud - you can ask her Mom & Dad
Daniel doesn’t talk much, but that sound you hear -
Is him blowing up his lab!

Daniel spends a lot of time at Tae Kwon Do
Sometimes he’ll come home all black and blue.
No sooner Jaclyn graduates Miami U
she has a wedding now Jeff’s paying for that, too!


Jaclyn’s gonna break out and she’ll top the music scene
Daniel’s gotta decide who he’s rooting for-
Miami or Titan’s team

“Happy ever afters” what we wish for you
Everybody’s here to lend a hand
Daniel will be working hard at Vanderbilt
And in the evening Jaclyn’s singing with the band!


Happy wedding day. And Ob la di, bla da!


(sung to the tune of “Lady is a Tramp)

They went to classes and studied all day
They partied hearty. They know how to play
They said, “why let college get in the way?”
That’s why these graduates are champs!

Megan is driven. She’s keeps on her toes.
She always worrying ‘bout what, heaven knows
Some say she’s a “Preppy” - just look at those clothes.
That’s why that graduate’s a champ.

They take vacations in tropical towns
Did a semester on foreign grounds
But it’s the same story- no good men to be found
That’s why these graduates are champs.

They like that Pi Phi
And Kappas are cool
But Theta’s rule
Phi Si - Those guys!

Frat party goers
who wear something scant
That’s why these graduates are champs.

Lauren’s a talker. She’ll chat all day long.
She’s got opinions. Some say she’s headstrong
And since they’ve known her she’s never been wrong
That’s why that graduate’s a champ

Diana helps get the world back on it’s feet
She knows everybody on campus you meet
She so excited her new boyfriend is Greek

15 Diet Cokes a day can make Kate a wreck
Always in workout clothes but she never sweats
She knows even more than Alex Tribeck
That’s why that graduate’s a champ

Audrey is laid back, but she’ll take a swig.
Looks good in a wig.
Knows Math. No laugh!
She’s got a job lined up. Who says that she can’t?
That’s why that graduate’s a champ!


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